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The Gallery

As young art students, Tali and Kuti Navon first opened Meitsag in 1989 as a custom framing workshop. Much has happened in these past 30 years, but the Navons have always kept their eyes on the future, building the business and gallery step-by-step while staying true to the original feel and ethos of their frame shop.

Today, the art gallery has grown to 350 square meters. Located in the heart of Tel Aviv’s hipster SOSA neighborhood, the Meitsag gallery includes a custom framing workshop, art studios, a professional-grade photography and art printing lab, and a showroom filled with unique pieces by the Navon family members and other contemporary artists. Visitors are invited to come inside and explore

Tali's Studio

Tali’s work spans a wide variety of mediums, including painting and videography.

Tali’s art is regularly exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions in Israel and abroad, and is featured in the Israel Musem, the Petach Tikva Museum, and The Haifa Musuem of Art. Her work is also included in many collections, both private and public.

Come and visit her studio! 

for a visit, you can send a WhatsApp to the number



Yanai's Studio

Yanai Navon is a 2017 graduate of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, where he earned a degree in industrial design.


Yanai’s first toys were the wood and cardboard his parents used for custom framing, and this early exposure to different creative mediums turned into a lifelong fascination with the intersection of art and design.

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Noam's Studio and Printhouse


Noam runs the gallery's printing house in his studio.

Our printing house is an integral part of the production process and gives our customers the option to print and frame from the beginning to the final product.

Noam also prints the products that sold in our store!

He specializes in the entire world of printing.

Noam is also a photographer and graphic designer and in his studio you will find docu-photography, urban-photography and nature-photography, illustrations and comics And also commercial branding.

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Our workshop

Where it's all the magic happens:

Meitsag is the largest custom framing shop in Israel, with a stunning selection of options. We scour the globe to import incredible mouldings, many of which come from Italy, and range from simple and clean to classic and ornate.

We work with the highest-quality framing materials, including acid-free products and museum-quality glass (with anti-reflexive and UV filtering coatings). Our frames are displayed with and trusted by private collectors, curators, museums, galleries, and auction houses.

Our in-house team expertly handles requests from all over the world, and would love to assist you in creating the perfect frame for your artwork.

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