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Our History

Meitsag is a small, family owned business. Mother, father, sons - we are bound together by our common passion for art, innovation, and sending joy and beauty into the world.

As young art students,Tali and Kuti Navon first opened Meitsag in 1989 as a custom framing workshop. Much has happened in these past 30 years, but the Navons have always kept their eyes on the future, building the business and gallery step-by-step while staying true to the original feel and ethos of their frame shop.

The next generation of Navons, Tali and Kuti’s sons, Yanai and Noam, were raised in the walls of the Meitsag frameshop. Art seeped into every aspect of their childhood, and it was fitting that both of them attended design schools and then joined the family business. Today, they create much of the art that hangs in the gallery walls, and they both play a significant role in helping shape the future of Meitsag.

Why Meitsag?

The word ‘meitsag’ means to show or explore. We feel honored to have the opportunity to display pieces and frames that we’re passionate about, and to travel the world to discover new contemporary paintings and designers.

Today, Meitsag is well-known in the Israeli art scene and worldwide for our craftsmanship, creativity, and customer service. 

meitsag israeli art

Visit Meitsag

Today, the art gallery has grown to 350 square meters. Located in the heart of Tel Aviv’s hipster SOSA neighborhood, the Meitsag gallery includes a custom framing workshop, art studios, a professional-grade photography and art printing lab, and a showroom filled with unique pieces by the Navon family members and other contemporary artists. Visitors are invited to come inside and explore the personal studios of Tali, Yanai and Noam.

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